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The College --
Government Mahakoshal Arts & Commerce Autonomous (Lead) College Jabalpur is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education in Central India. It first came into existence in 1836 as Sagar School under the charge of Headmaster Mr. G. Wiggins, it was then affiliated to Calcutta University.
1873 It was transferred to Jabalpur city. Since then it has been affiliated to Allahabad, Nagpur and Sagar Universities.
1916 to 1962 It rose to prominence as Robertson College. It was named after Honorable Sir Benjamin Robertson, then Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces.
1946 It was again affiliated to Sagar University
1947 Its name was changed to Govt. Mahakoshal College.
1942-47 It was upgraded to postgraduate status.
1956 It was granted permanent affiliation by UGC
1961 The college had a strength of 2062 students and the total strength of the staff was 124.
1962 The college was bifurcated into Govt. Mahakoshal Arts College and Govt. Science College.
1983 Commerce stream was started and the name was changed to Govt. Mahakoshal Arts & Commerce College.
1962 The college was affiliated to Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya under University Grants Commission.
Synchronizing with the changing times.
1992 It was granted Autonomous status. In to 1998 autonomous scheme became effective with semester system in PG from I to IV semester
2002 Department of Higher Education Govt. of Madhya Pradesh nominated this college as the Lead College for Jabalpur District
2004 National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC Bangalore awarded B+ Grade to the College.
2008-2009 Semester System was introduced at UG level.
2012 NAAC Bangalore awarded B Grade to the College.
2013 Virtual Classes started in 2013. It is attempt by Govt. impart knowledge virtually. Regular syllabus of B.A., B. Com and B.Sc. and other programs related to students like how to prepare for competitive exams yoga etc. are transmitted.

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महाविद्यालय की महान विभूति

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शासकीय महाकोशल कला एवं वाणिज्य महाविद्यालय किसी ज़माने में राबर्ट्ससन कालेज के नाम से जाना जाता था और उस वक्त महाविद्यालय में आचार्य रजनीश (ओशो) यहा दर्शन शास्त्र के प्रध्यापक हुआ करते थे वर्तमान परिस्थितियों में महाविध्यालय ओशो प्रेमियों का एक तीर्थ स्थान बन चुका है अनेक देशो से यहाँ ओशो प्रेमी नियमित रूप से महाविद्यालय  आते जाते रहते है-    ---- डॉ ए. एल.    महोबीया प्राचार्य


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